EMC Data Computing Division’s Really Big Month

I am an employee of EMC in the Data Computing Division.   This certainly colors my opinion.  Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Data Computing Division has had a really big month and it is only half over.

We’ve announced new appliances and a significant partnership with SAS.

The new appliances include models with greater capacity, higher scan rates, and an add-on that supports ETL.  The greater capacity model includes larger capacity disks.  The higher scan rate model uses FLASH.  To support ETL, the Data Integration Accelerator provides a mechanism for staging or pipelining data as the appliance is loaded.

The partnershp with SAS will lead to a strong technology offering and also represents an endorsment of the Greenplum architecture. An excellent demonstration is available.  Select “Technology Connection and Keynote Presentation”, then “Trends in Technology and High Performance Computing Demo”.  The demo starts about 5:30 into the presentation.

How is this relevant to agile analysis?  First, agile analytics demands a hardware/software platform that doesn’t impose limits.  The DCA will support virtually any analytic workload by scaling the hardware incrementally.  Need a 25% boost.  No problem. Need a 2500% boost?  Again, the DCA can meet the requirement.  Second, agile analytics must exploit the latest hardware on the market.  Because the DCA contains ONLY off the shelf components, EMC DCD can rev the appliance as the computing market place delivers new capabilities.

For those of you interested in crunching data to generate information, EMC is driving innovation.  No matter what platform you are using, an innovative market space is critical to advancing the capabilities of the tools we use to answer our big data questions.

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